Are you ready to now start writing the story of your future ? What are you meant to bring to the world?  Who do you want to be, do you really know? How do you want show up as a leader for yourself and others? Do you have a plan for how you’re going to get there?  What needs to change in your life and work for it to happen?  At InStill coaching I am all about coaching in service of exploring your own unique leadership path, and I am uniquely qualified to partner with you in this way as I have a genuine excitement and talent for developing people.   Hello and welcome!

In today’s constantly busy, changing, distracting, achievement-oriented and technologically connected world, many people have lost the ability to just BE. The ability to just be with ourselves, our loved ones, nature and the present moment is the foundation of living a meaningful and intentional life of vitality. What is sometimes lacking is the connection to the essential aspects of ourselves in stillness-that listening to our inner leader, our essence, our soul if you will, as well as the ability to reflect both on where we are, and where we’re meant to be going.  Our being needs to inform our doing, not the other way around.

InStill Coaching offers the presence and space to partner with you to find your own ways of being and doing for transformative change.  We all go through stages in our lives where we feel stuck, or something is missing or not quite right.  Even if we know what is “off” in our lives, it can be difficult to have the energy and perspective to address it on our own.  Important change and growth in our lives can seem perpetually imminent, like it’s just about to happen, but sometimes we need encouragement and accountability to actually make it happen.  InStill Coaching offers an integrated approach addressing your current life and work as a whole.  Exploring together, we find what living a life of purpose and meaning looks like for you and then generate specific action plans which lay the foundation for creating that life.  You will be amazed at the speed in which we can strip away the extraneous noise and get to the heart of the matter.

All transformational change begins with inspiration, awareness and intention.   It is both my passion and my privilege to partner with you on your journey to live a fulfilling and authentic life. 

You may contact me at heather@instillcoaching.com or at 720-509-9988.  I offer complimentary exploratory sessions so that you can try out coaching with me and see if it is a good fit for you.  I would be honored to take the coaching journey with you!

In stillness and gratitude,


lLeadership Coach, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
InStill Coaching

“Challenging the status quo & inspiring new ways of being”


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