I offer the unique combination of being a business-minded rational realist, while at the same time embodying a joyful, soul-centered life. I am a forty-something mother of three daughters and am married to my college sweetheart. We make our home in the beautiful foothills of Colorado. My professional background includes earning my CPA license while working for Price Waterhouse, as well as many years in the software and tech manufacturing industries in corporate finance, accounting and sales support management roles, switching to part-time work when my children were young. I left my corporate finance role to focus my professional skills in the realms of leadership coaching, meditation instruction and non-profit board work.

I spent much of my life living in an emotional middle ground, somewhere between joy and sorrow, never allowing myself to go to the far ends of this counterbalance. I think I was afraid that if I let sorrow in, it might be permanent, and I would be unable to shake it off, and I was perhaps not safe in pure joy. I also had a huge fear of failure, which probably took root in my need to over-achieve academically as a student, and caused me to be very risk-averse. It has taken work to move through these limiting beliefs, and to realize that emotions enrich our lives while not defining who we are and that failure is a necessary part of growth and success.

The greatest meaning in my life has been found in connecting with people on a deep level. Every day, I set the intention to have an impactful presence. I cherish moments to witness and reflect upon the unfolding of other people’s life stories and their magnificent potential, and inspiring others to find and follow their own truth. I love to write, which encompasses a love for words, ideas, poems, song lyrics and books. Writing is how I make sense of the world, and my place in it. I love nature, and especially adore trees and ladybugs. I love finding flow in our daily life, that place where we can timelessly lose ourselves in meaningful creation and action. I believe in living intentionally and not always following the crowd. Sunset is my favorite time of the day. I am a sensitive introvert who is learning to manage her own self-doubt. I practice yoga and meditation and am a life-long learner and runner. I also make space for stillness and being in my busy days, as my mind and body need that time to recharge and reset. Respect, character and integrity are important pillars in my life, and I operate with the premise of under-promising and over-delivering. I seek wisdom and clarity, while at the same time being able to laugh at myself and the craziness of the lives that we all live!

I am coaching and writing because I see that many people (including myself) are at a crossroads in their lives. Many are unfulfilled and don’t even know why, because on the surface life seems really good. I believe that today’s current culture of busyness, achievement and consumption is unsustainable for a life well lived and a planet well cared for. Many of us are evaluating who we are in this world and what we should be doing differently. I have spent decades researching and trying on alternate ways of living and being. I am on my own personal transformation journey and love to hear about other people’s experiences in this realm as well. My coach training and certification was a life-changing experience for me and everyday I live to embody the principles of coaching. Without realizing it, I have been coaching others for most of my life. Even in my corporate roles, I found myself instinctually drawn to informally coaching my colleagues, and offering aphorisms and challenges to take a longer term view of things and to live a more satisfying life. When I learned about professional coaching and the rigorous training program required to do it well, I knew that I had found my life’s work.

Thanks for wondering about me, and I’d love to hear your story as well…


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